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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

14 April

ishh! tdy 3s & 3m kena tahan!
bcz 3m students line up at my class thr.
Rawr! not our fault also why wanna tahan my class wor.
then d prefect keep talking thr ><
blablahh then i saw MunHui argue wid da NP! xD

after tht back 2 our class & I saw many ppl darn em song alr.
geee! I heard tht da Si NP scolded WeiYan!
eeew! & he stil wanna use his special pose pulak!
darn funny larhh all ppl learning him hahaa :)
Pj teacher absent againnn!
thn Pn Maple come in & ask us 2 do da Personality Test
blablahh. i darn lazy 2 do tht lar so i just ly down & talk wid JiaJiaaa.
wooooots! ahkln kritik diri 99%! mmg ~~~
then when they doing da test a prefect came in & wanna check beg penuhh.
eee! i just bring Bi text book tdy blablahh :)
after tht I just keep playing in da class! geee! :D
YiXin bring smt tht darn funnn!
evryone playing d thg & Rubik Cubeeee also!
blablahh tdy Miss Jamielah dunwan giv ahkln & RonKit da handout
dai sei lahh. evryone doing hw they 2 playing Rubik Cube pulak.
geee! finally my turn ORAL! ><
ishh! tht ZhanFeng & JiaJia keep saying tht if i stil dunwan oral 0 mark arr!
make me darn scareee.
so I ask RonKit them help me to tell teacher tht I want oral.
Rawr! he raise up his hand & tell teacher tht ME this fella haven oral!
eeeew! fella pulak. da whole class laughing thr LOL
blablahh. ahkln blog write me til so suiiii! ><
when I jz start my oral thn they all say Pardon~~ blablahh.
darnn sui lah!
geee! finally i done my oral ler. blablahh no worriess! :)
thn da last two period we went 2 ICT labbb~
LOL teacher jz teaching awhile thn evryone playing games & chit-chatting thr alr
HuiAnn them mmg sui! stil draw out d NP pic! :DD
hahaa darnn funny!
& they save n set d pic as desktop background! eew.
then ZhanFeng them playing smt like Zuma.
Rawr! all play til so darn excitedddd.
eee! after scul gonna stay until 2pm ler bcz no transport.
blablahh so I follow JingWen them 2 Pak Hailam & had lunchh.
I just sat down awhilee thn wanna go back scul d.
geee! its raining heavily againnn in da evening.
went tuition tdy.
darnnn funny!
JingWen- Pengerusi OKU! hahaa xD
whilee ahkln Setiausaha & RonKit bendahari LOL!
ishh! thn teacher talk abt GRO pulak.
JingWen mmg straight lahh. she jz ask teacher izit ayam (pelacur)? xD
eeew! ehemm ** thn all start dhk wrong alr niaa~
LOL mmg speechlesss!
they just keep OKU & GRO here & thr aiyooo!
blablahh. after tht went homeee & had dinner!
Rawr! i rushh 4 d GG proj until 12smt bt after i donee also no use
cz printer out of ink!
& im using ebuddy cant send da file 2 WeiYan & print ><
eeee! aboutt 1245 only sleeep. darrnn tired.



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