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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

15 April

geee! its raining when I woke up in da early morning.
blablahh. da 1st period Sivik!
eew. Miss Assunta ><
Rawr! now arr mmg darn em song her!
scold JingNee until she cryyy! ><
darn hurt lahh. scold ppl useless monitor. DAMMN!
afta tht she ask JingNee go 2 front thr bcz she wanna talk to her
Rawr! she arrr. mmg wad d lorr!
thn start talking again! :)
eeee! darnn tired lahh. so I just ly down & talk to JiaJia.
these days really vry happppyyy! :DD
dunno why lahh.
blablahh. now mmg Rubik Cubeeee season!
evryone taking tht & playyy! LOL.
after recess KH period En Yahya din comee in class d.
OMG! i really cant tahan our class tht twooo XX ><
rawr! I also dunwan 2 see them 1 larr.
thn YauHong straight call their name & ask them stop doing smt disgusting!
thn v keep talking thr really so darnn funny!
hahaa YauHong keep posing thr!! LOL!
& thn talk about ytd dat Si NP!
hahaa ohyaaa. tdyy WeiYan sit beside me & draw boy's hairstylee thr.
i really feel tht he's drawing fruits larrr.
Strawberrry. Pineappleee. Duriannn!~~ :)
blablahh. staying back tdy againn!
LOL I 1st timeee heard RonKit SING!
taadaa! :D
hahaaa nicee nia xD
walaooo his voicee mmg SPECIAL! :)
I heard ahkln voiceee all da time!
this show tht he's PERASAN! blablahhh.
&&&. dun alwayss no mood larr my boy. ;D
geee! went homee bath thn sleeep.
blablahh about 7pm only wake up & go 4 tuition.
tdy tuition darn funny also.
v do d krg about langkah langkah utk menangani masalah cetak rompak.
thn SheyLin said go & beat dat ppl & kacau his stall pulak! LOL.
tdy vry relax! :DD
no homework. blablahh~
gonnaa stop here & prepare 4 my lisan 2mrw!



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