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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

28 April :D

Teehee! :D
tdy reach skul at abt 7am superb earlyy! :) (for me)
thn just stand thr & talk wid JingWen them LOLs!
eee! YianBing latee 4 skul tdy ler! & my honey, Mojojo too!
after back 2 our class, gt ppl come & ask us down 2 dewan 4 class photo session!
Rawrr. evryone discussing wad 2 pose 4 da 2nd photo! :)
ishh! & YauHong said tht wanna pose looks vry shocked! LOL!
yeshh! luckily Pn Sharif nt thr abuden gonna pin my hair up! :(
blablahh. our position all darn kik lah.
don't knw hw 2 sayy lols!
after tht went back class & talk! ;DD
HuiAnn bring her old photo(s) come 2 skul againn~
goshh! JiaJiaaa mmg so darn DAK YI sia! LMAO
I just can't stop laughing bcz of tht lahh :D
p/s I'm nt sha! Rwarrr. :P
thn Sej Period talk wid JiaJia againn! :)
aaaw. darn long time din chat wid her lik tht d ler!
really funny lahh. we can talk so muchh & changed topic frm this to that LOLs!
Geee! I just chat & laugh da wholee day!
that's my life in skul! :D
yeahhh & staying back tdy! :)
Teehee! i really so darn HAPPY & HIGH tdyy!

one month! ;DD

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