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Thursday, April 23, 2009

School! ;DD

yeshhh! finally i no need curi curi on9 nia! :DD
geee! ps sia bout 4 days din updateee.
21-23 April
(that's why i cant on9 ><)
blablahhh. this time just Intervensi 2 only bt teacher want us sit according angka giliran! Rawr!
at 1st i really darn scare lahh. cz cant copy d lerr xD
somemore I nvr study at all!
Teehee. bt luckily JiaJiaaa, ahkln & WeiYan them stil arnd me thr! :)
da 1st dayyy. BM & BI!
ishh! Bm need 2 write Bhg C krg d lerr
& just 1 hours I scare tht i cant finish it larrrh.
BI~~ woohooo! quitee relax sia!
10 obj ques + a summary! ;DD
blablahh. finisheddd thn ly down on d table lerrr :)
2nd day. SC, SEJ & MM!
aaaaa! tdyy bring so many books 2 scul stil tot can read awhile be4 exam
bt after perhimpunan go back class straight start d!
goshhh! darn hardd! >< (for me)
haix i dhk this time Science paper i really will FAIL! :(
ishh! MM lagi teruk sia!
10 ques shj blablahh~
i tot i can get higher marks this time bt thnn?! ><
after exam they all discussing thr & i only realise tht i hv many wrongggg aaa!
I really nt dare 2 show my results 2 my parents alr d!
eew. during exam really so darnn boredd!
& I just keep drawing on d paper & ly downnn ler!
Teehee. ;DDD
last night i still darn relax & curi on9 thr hehee ;)
BC~ blablahh. saya paling suka mata pelajaran ini! hiakhiakk~
tdyy mmg darn relax! geeee!
da last paperrr KH!
teehee. 15 mins finishh! :P
after tht just hugging my bag & ly downn on d table thrr~
eee! mayb too tireddd thn fall asleeep d! ><
aaaaaa! bt last 5 mins teacher's voice wake me up d!
1st time i will fall asleep in skul d ler! goshh!
blablahhh. finally exam overrrrrr!
Woohoooo! i really so darnn HIGH tht timee! :D
suddenly felt lik jumping & singinggg! HAHAHAHH~
yeahhh! 1.20p.m. skul over d!
ohyaaa! be4 tht v sang Bufday song 2 YiWen! :)

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to YiWennn
Happy Birthday to youu@!

p/s 2mrw is da last dayy 4 Si Nv Renn~ :DD

Don't promise me anythings if you can't do it! :(


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