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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Daddy's Bufdayy!

ytd's night after dad comee back, v went out 4 dinner & celebrate his Bufdayy too! :D
XOXO! <3
My Dinnerrrrr~
Steamboat + Terpanyaki! Geee! ;)
tdyy Daddy's bufday so half priceee!
eee! Sis & I keep go & take manyy food
Rawrr. mmg darn full nia!
hahaa. v all like bbq-ing thr & playyy :DD
aaaw. so long time nvr went out together wid my family! <3
I lovee this feel!
blablahh. eeew. act after eating went hang gai d bt grandma dunwann ><
Rawrr. so just back homee & wait 4 da bufdayy cake! :D
Teehee! Blackforest cakee~~~
Happy Bufdayyy Daddyy! :)

he really loves me alots!
what i want he also will buy for me :)
if I do anythg wrong he will forgive me & say its ok, nvm.
when i argue with sis
or when mummy wanna beat me he also will help me
last time he will bring me go shopping almost evryday & travel! :D
bt since nw he so busy with his work
we less going out & talk together d.
Teehee. :)
btw You're da best Daddy 2 me! :DD
I Love You lots! :3

ps I darn lazy 2 updateee! ><

feels emo :(


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