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Thursday, April 09, 2009

8 April

tdy whole skul r having Senamrobik so evry1 gonna wear t-shirt 2 scul :)
blablahh. 1st time our scul r having dis kind of thg!
i was standing at middle thr wid SoonYen, SuYi, YiXin & JiaJia blahh.
ishh! v all go & cabut SengYi's whiteee hairr! :D
hahaa mmg angkasawan xD
evryone tried tht but cant! LOL
in d early morning dah begitu high lahh.
& ahkln them really so darn funny! :)
they all follow wad teacher do & like dancing thr xD
GangWei them also. ishh!
mmg so darn HOT standing at thr
so v all stand behind JinYang hiakhiak~
& saw someone tht time fuiyohh! :)
two couple behindd us wehhh lalala~
after tht v go 2 kimia lab 4 Pameran Scienceee.
tdy is d last dayyy ler & ltr after recess teachers will come & giv marks!
dis time v just wanna make it easyy blablahh.
& JingWen said wanna use leaves as deco? OMG!
after recess im nt staying at kimia lab 4 explanation
bcz i din bring pinaform! rawr!
then tot of wanna put my bag in class & go 4 kh
but i saw my class was sitting at foyer thr & waiting?
ishh! kh period wehh sure straight go 2 bengkel 1 larr.
thn En Ilamaran came 2 us & ask
haix mmg longgggg storyy! at last RonKit & I kena scolded i dhk? ><
we all sitting thr & chit-chatting blablahh.
ahkln & I din bring books so just doin nth thr lor
lalala. d last two period were Moral!
aiyaaa it's time 2 chat againn! :D
ahkln arrrrrr. 1 word YAM!
teacher talking abt d keburukan ICT thn he go infront & write PORN thr! LOL
hahaa & i keep playing WeiYan behind thr!
hiakhiak~ come & beat me lahhh :P
v really talk alots behind! :)
HuiAnn asked us 4 a test!
hahaa im 65% SS/perasan?
aiyaa at least better thn ahkln & edwin! :P
they 80% lahh. d HIGHEST! blablahh.
after skul im stayinggg back again!
4 badminton & chamberrrr.
thanks a Hannnnnn 4 d Ice-Creammm & play guitarr for me :P
<3 loveee storyy.
blablahh & thanks KahYee u all cheering me up larhh.
ishh! i want learn drummm & electric guitar! ><
darrnnn YENG! geeeeeee.
abt 430 went homee. :)
mmg darn tireddd lar.
yeshhh! skipped tuition again tdy!



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