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Monday, April 06, 2009

6 April

im taking part in Pameran Science so stay at kimia lab d whole dayyy! :D
yippeee! skip all spotcheck! hair & beg penuh blablahh
geeee 2day my bag KOSONG!
just a t-shirt, bottle, pencil case, & smt need 4 d experiment! :)
lalala~ 2day perhimpunan is abt Minggu Sc & Mm, Seni & Geografiiiii!
1st! our kelab Seni Pengerusiii give a speech blablahh
nehhh! tu Hwan Khing Yuan pula xD
after tht performancee blahhh~
LOL! apa tariann bocor bocor? eee! idk larhh xD
hahaa Edwinnnnn's favourite! :P
ishh! sitting thr mmg hot lahh.
thn WeiYan said awhile moreee can see tht many ppl umbrella-ing again!
mmg "lucky" lahh.
JinRen & WeiYan behind me & keep zat me pulak!
okayyy. back 2 my Pameran Scienceeee.
hahaa we did smt quiteee weird?
ishhh! when i explain RonKit they all taktauuu~ *blur*
geeeeee at last our experiment SUCCESSS! :DD
yeshhhh! ehh i tried ytd d lar dun play play :P
v finished our experiment d then just walking arnd~
abt 1230 we gonna go back 2 our respective class & study ler ><
eeeew! sciencee period lahh.
hatee it! tht RonKit mmg YAM!
he said teacher gonna teach us Chapter 4 Reproduction so he must go back class!
ishhh! wads tht larhh LOL
hahaa darn funny larhh bcz of BANANA SUCKER!
lol! my table all yam lou! omg.
aiyooo. laugh non stop thr larhh xD
after sch pula stayy backkk~
rawr! marching marching marchinggg! ><
mmg sia suiii arrr!
gonna march infront of my boy! OMG!
&&& felt so sorry 2 Edwinnnn!
i hurt his hand d larhh ><
RonKit & WeiYan them so shuang larhh.
im marching thr & they just like Sir keep saying hand 90 degrees blablahh!
rawrr! so so sooo paisehh! my marching mmg mm dim! ):
after finish marching go & find my boy againnn! :D
weeeeeeeeeee. gt a superb secret frm him!
woooots! mmg cant imagine lahh. OMGG!
heee about 420 back homeee d!
ishhh! be4 tht i did smt mmg SIA SUIII! ><
rawr! i was fell down at sch front gate there.
eeeeew! sangat sakit lahh!
& i cried 4 almost half an hours? ><
mummmyyyy arrr!
till now! my leg stil bleeding haix!
2mrw i really don't knw wanna how 2 go sch larhh.
& d sei khaiii stil zat me ><
eeee. im gonna stop here & hv my dinner :)

mmg lovee my boy so muchh! :D
I Miss Him.


  1. Haha.
    how come fell down?
    So careless :P
    Ask your boy boy to sayang then not pain d lah.
    Take good care of yourself ah.

  2. dearr! u really need to take care ler >.< i also love you veryy much <3

  3. ishh!
    kick smt d lahh.
    omgg mmg darn pain! :X
    hahaa btw thanks joyceeee!

    eeee! u baru need 2 take caree lah! :P


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