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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

29 April

Booo! ;D
got up latee tdy bt luckily din lewat 4 skul ler!
Teehee! gt operasi tdy.
XO thanksss pandaaaa aka JunYao din catch me lu! :)
da 1st & 2nd period we were in library
bcz Miss Assunta was d judge 4 da solo acting!
blablahh. thn we just sit behind thr keep talking & laugh! ;D
ishh.! nw we only realise smt
act Mr. Rong superrb nerd :P
aaaw. he & Mama samee 1 larr xD
Geee! finally da solo acting start d!
we were been waiting 4 so longg time! ><
eee! da 1st was Babyyyy! :DD
XOXO! wooots! proo english sia! :)
&&.! NICE acting! xD
& da 2ndd is Ng Jia Rong pulak.
LOL! evryone feels boredd alr & dhk tht da 1st even better thn him lots! :X
awhile moree & we got 2 go back class alr! ><
then GG period d.
Rawrrr. we all just talking thr againn!
hahaa. Edwin & Feng mmg funny sia! xD
& perasann tooo! Booo! ;D
ishh! thn da whole class kena scolded tdy during BC Period.
Rawrrr. bcz we didn't respect teachers & didn't line up according 2 da name list during assembly :X
we hav 2 stand thr 4 two periods!
teacher's word really make me feel so regret & guilt lahh. ><
bcz I'm da always da most noisy in d class :P
eee! & she said smt really make me feel so scaree 1 lar ishh! :X
after recess we went 2 Bengkel.
LOL. talking again!
nehh. still say wanna change d bt after recess forgot evrythings alr lahh
ishh! YiXin stil say Christian won't lie ppl 1 bt thn she stil da same lah :P
& yeahh,
tdy stayed back after skul practice singing 4 da AGM
and sure, support my boy too! ;DD
blablahh. congratss 2 Prefixes & they won da match! :)

1st picha wid XINGXING~~ ;D


& lastly
8 years of friendship!

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