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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

12 May

having UTDA tdy.
ishh! da last minute teacher only come & ask us 2 do.
sit up, bumping & gonna run for 1500 meter.
aaaw. after finish that all totally exhausted lahh.
geee! JingWen, YuenChee, KarYing & I run together.
lol keep running by using shortcut.
finished in 11.06 mins! ;DD
HAHAHAHA bt stil slow.
before bell rang, we go to 3m class & chatting thr :)

spare tyre come in our class tdy during Sej period.
& she said she wearing da same color shirt wid WeiYan~~~
woooh, jangan perasan lahh. she nt kao you lahh ;P
and I'm doing Maths homework da whole period.
weeeeeeeeee! guai lehh? ;DD

having exam during ICT Period tdy.
goshhh! idk how to do lahh.
evrytime he teaching & we just talking behind thr.
omggg. i don't want fail my ICT arrhh! ><
will be less online these days.
I don't want to fail the others subject also. :X


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