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Monday, May 11, 2009

What a YAM night. ;D

first of all,
eee! mmg paiseh didn't give anythgs 2 mummyy.
btw I Love You mummy! xoxo!

went back 2 mom's hometown tdy.
geee! i saw 8 puppies thr! :D
just give birth one month ago. :)
aaaw. darrn CUTEE weh!
2 white, 5 black & 1 choc mix black color wan.
but its baria dog mix d.
& i gt 2 hug it before I back home. ;DD
omggg. almost faint lah. DakYiii sia! :3
lols. just do revision & watch movie da whole day.
bout 4 plus heading home :)
its so hot & tiringgg dayy.

after reach home, just sit infront of da pc whole night.
LOL! nw i only realise tht girls mmg more YAM than boys.
suddenly dhk bout huge football thn JiaJia told me that she saw da pics alr.
thn i go google & search xD
omgggg. mmg~~~ *speechless*
when i saw that just laugh non stop LOL ;D
don't knw why lahh just vry funny niaa xD
thn I asked YeeHui & WeiYan go and see.
lols. that mao arrrr. same as me keep laughing pulak.
& thn WeiYan told me that larger than basketball zz.
LOLs! all that make me banyak high that night lahh ;P
& then da Msn down thr.
"What's hot: New video" i dhk is like this? LOL.
all darn "NICE" fuiyohhh. ;P
aiyaaa. but YeeHui can't see this ><
and we gt a new word, Ok gai! LOL!
goshhh! mmg damn HIGH da whole night!@
especially that YeeHui :)
keep laughing thr & now sore throat pula :X
p/s saya bukan yam master lah yor. ><
don't spoil my imej ;PP

Good Luck & All da Best
4 those who are having exam 2mrw!

YeeHui & I really do enjoy lots x)


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