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Saturday, May 09, 2009

9 May :D

2dayyy darrn syok & happpy! :DD
went SHOPPING tdyy! XOXO :)
p/s almost one month nvr go shopping alr lahh. :X
tdy Hari Wesak so don't hv guitar class :)
went Mutiara Damansara with mummy & sis.
Syok Sendiri non stop with sis all da time! ;DD
yeshh, finally bought a shirt! :)
but mom said its da last one & she nt gonna buy me anymore. ><
had our lunch in Thai Express.
geee! i loveee da Iced Choc! ;D
after tht continuee shopping againn! :X
saw many nicee shirts bt i dhk nt my type? Rawrr!
ohyaa, saw a bedroom set.
superrrb NICE! :3
fully imported from Italy. fuiyohhh.
geee! just da bed cost bout rm16,000 smt!
weeee!~ met honey sayaaa, Mojojo thr! :)
banyaak cutee sia! xoxo!
be4 back home went popular & buy revision books.
woooots! cost bout rm100smt! xD
bout 6pm heading home :)
half an hours later going out again 4 dinner with family.
lolss. wait for bout 40 mins thr! zz
& met YouKean thr.
xoxo! after tht SHOPPING againnnn. x)
Rawrr.! met Pn Cheah & SS Queeeen, HuiYing ther!
went Pet Wonderlandddd. :)
goshhh! gonna crazeee!
eee! da puppies darrn dak yi!
I lovee Shih Tzu! veeeeeeevitt! :3
tdy can say SUPERB HIGHH & SYOK! :DDD
bcz SS all da time? :P
blablahh. gonnaa sleep soon!


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