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Sunday, May 31, 2009


28 May :D

tdy our skul are having Teacher's Day celebration!
MakZai & I were so darn high thr when the performance start! =)
gaaaa, da 1st one, LPS indian dance xD
SengYi dance like darn blur thr @@
cuteee sia! ;D
both of us laugh until cry lol!
and next, form six band.
Hann Hannnnnnnnn! :DD
weeeee!~ so damnnn yeng lah wei :)
&& SimYee's voice darn nice & sweet!
especially when she singing da 新不了情
damnn touchhh x.x
JunWen's diabolo performance not bad also.
darn pro lahh. somemore solo fuiyohh :P
& thn, another band - Eden! :D
they sang Xin Tiao & My Girl. LOL!
i still rmb that Wed's audition someone zou yin niaa xD
ohyaa, and Abg Kuan Wah's dance crew :DD
damnn nice & funnny!
gahhh MakZai & I superrb high thr lahh rawr!
after recess,
we got da duty that gonna move 4B's table to the old bengkel thr.
after that we all go back 2 class & evryone start playing thrr! :DD
LOL! ZhanFeng & others wrestling thr pulak!
weeeee! but damnn high lahh.!
YauHong make those sound darrn geli ;D
ZhanFeng really pro man, but thn WanTat lagi geng! :)
3s & 3m totally diff lahh.
when you pass by 3m class ..... swt sia no sound punya!
while after skul staying back with friends for ice kacang! :DD
ishhh! but thn d stall haven open. so we went 2 Pak Hailam.
gaaah, no electricity pulak! ><
after that, ZiXuan & HuiAnn bought Ice Kacanggggg.
fruits favourite. :)
& thn we all rampas da ice kacang by the road side thr LOL! ;D
back to scul, JiaJiaa took out her camera & evryone taking pichaa thr xD
wooots! finally i gt da 1st pic with JiaJia :DD
after that, I stay at skul until 6plus with HuiAnn :)
LOL! both of us walk at padang thr for one hours!
geee! i get to know her more & found out that we hav da same characteristic nia :)

three tiang LOL

yeshhh :D

wiiiiiyan ;]

BF saya :P




acting cool? =/

ahkln LOL!

& lastly,
thanks buds for making my day :)

two month :3


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