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Thursday, May 07, 2009

7 May

XO! da normal me has back! :DD
thanks lots to my buds last night!
especially kawan baikku, WeiYannn! ;D,
da horoscope pro, KahYeee,
and my kaki plus da perasan one, SingYang.
& yeahh, I'll try my best to cheer.
hope that I'm just thinking too much!

well, guess what I did in skul tdy? :)
S.T.U.D.Y! :P
evryone said tht I'm so scary bcz TOO QUIET! LOL!
usually im da superb noisy one in class xD
geee! 2dayy gt 6 period teacher didn't comeee!
I studied Sejarah for da 1st & 2nd period :)
woohhh. luckily no ppl kacau xD
after tht Bi period teacher came d & ask us do da essay recount.
since exam is just arnd da corner, so I just listen to what teacher say.
teehee! izit changed lots? ;DD
after Bi period, I've no mood 2 study anymoree.
cz evryone start talking alr ><
eeew. we start planning whr to go after PMR lol!
thn talk bout last time Genting trip ahkln's story :P
& camping blablahh all that~
thn gt a ppl came & ask who wanna take part in Chinese Singing Comp.
Omgg! da monster raised up her handddd! :X
thn da whole class making noise thr
Rawrr.! luckily YiWen taking part too! :)
abuden 3s gonna loseee! blablahh~~
eee they ask Angel to take part also bt she dunwan ><
Angel VS Monsterrr :P
HAHAHHA darrnn sui lah they all!
gt 1 time teacher standing beside me while WeiYan talking.
ishh! teacher said his voice vry mann? & can attract girls!
omggg @@
& she ask WeiYan to sing a song d LOL!
AHAHHAA! i dhk he vry shuang alr? ;DD
after recess, i found that evrythgs inside my pencil case r lost!
wth! like that also wanna steal?
or just ppl play? ><
haix idk lahh.
bt actually i nt really care bout it also
luckily this nvr spoil my mood tdy. :)
Rawrr! after tht still wanna go 2 bilik displin ><
goshh! WeiYan gonna be da SiNvRen number 2? hahaa xD
& I hampir dilanggar kereta after skul just now :X
Rawrrr! okayy i dhk it's time 2 do revision XO! :)

actually what I waitin' for?
mayb i'm not tht important in ur heart anymore?


  1. Goddd!!!
    I love horoscope pro this name laa!!
    But actually...
    i only know some horoscope very well.
    Some horoscope..
    I dun really know about it!

    haha...tis 1 funny....lolz

  3. hahaa nicee leh da name? :P
    thanks me thanks me xD

    eee okayy honey! :)

    LOL ahkln said that d lahh.
    thn weiyan say 邪不能胜正 hahah xD


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