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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

13 May

had fun tdy in skul. =)
especially during Moral lesson.
& when we are going back 2 class from bengkel,
JingWen go & touch ahkln's chest!
just to take back her LOVE letter ;PP
darrn bian tai lahh her.
1st time i saw girls dare to do like this LOL

then teacher taught us bout Adat Perkahwinan.
ishh! they said malam berasrama pulak! ;D
or malam yg dinanti-nantikan,
malam berseronok, malam kebudayaan! HAHAHAA
& many many moreee. =/
gawdddd. laugh like hell in class!
somemoree no voiceee & sore throat d ><
da 1st time really so damnn high in class like this :)

2 moree days. :X
hope thr no fail(s) in my exam.


  1. wakaka, malam yang dinanti-nantikan

  2. jingwen darn bin tai liao la..xDD
    malam kebudayaan pula...not malam syiokk meh...?? xDD


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