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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

5 May

tdy morning assembly mmg darrn funny! ;DD
hahaa hair kena tangkap d xD
da prefect arrr mmg so qian daa!
he came over here 4 times alr lol!
&&! En Ong so darrn sia sui 2day lahhh.
when he taking da mike, thn start raining~~
bt he stil don't want stop! ishh! :X
he said:" Kami akan mengambil tindakan yang wajar jika hujan lebat."
after tht its raining heavily lerr :)
yeshhh! shuang lahh. no need listen 2 him & stand thr 4 half an hourss~ :P
eee! i hope tht my class no electricity too! ;DD
if evryday also lik that syok sia! wooots!
Rawrr. tdy sej teacher ganti pj so she taught us for 3 period.
hahaa. 2dayy sej period darn funny!
1st time im so interested of Sejarahh :)
ohyaa, & JinRen talk bout a news.
eeew. tht 1 superrb ~~ lahh ><
Geee! I really darn regret that we too fast line up at foyerr thr! ><
Rawrr! so darnn paisehh during recess tdy! :X
hahaa & I sponsored JingWen smt! :) (thanks me :P)
sweeet sia ;DD
after recess BI period JiaJiaa gonna pek dai me again! ><
& da same, WeiYan come & sit over heree
teehee! & we talk alots behind thr againn! ;D
evryday diff topic pro niaa xD
ishh! RonKit wearr WeiYan's spec~~
one word -- NERD! :D
thn we just keep talking until bell ring! ;DD
Geee! chat wid MakZai just now! :)
weeeeeee~ I WANT SHOPPING!
goshh! almost one month nvr go shopping? :X
& i gonna wait another one month ee!
XO! no tuition tdyy.
anotherr relax day for me! ;D

to YiXin aka SIFU!

study later. :)


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