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Friday, May 08, 2009

8 May

tdy is da closing ceremony 4 English Fortnight.
4K & 4B gt da champion for singing competition.
Congrats! ;DD
& they performed during assembly.
bt still da same, gt no chance 2 see.
bcz da ppl middle thr umbrella-ing againn! Rawrr!
geee! for me, I prefer class 4B :)
aaaaw. KahYeeeee u darn yeng! XOXO! ;DD
after we go back 2 our class, just left bout 3 mins 4 da Maths period.
they said teacher won't come in alr so I just relax thr & copy homework. :P
bt thn Miss Low came & teach.
omggg! thn JiaJiaaa & I felt darn nervous lahh cz haven done d homework.
blablahhh. luckily at last i finished it be4 she go out :)
after tht BM!~
eee! teacher bcum so fierce & don't let us talk.
wooww! thn evryone just sitting thr & listen 2 her.
xo! afterrr recess JiaJiaaa go 4 her BoonBoon againn! :P
so HuiAnn come & sit with me.
yeahh, we chat & laughing thr lik crazeee! LOL!
I don't knw why suddenly we talk bout $?
we try 2 read da raised dots in Braille on da money thr.
izit crazyy? HAHAHAHH!
thn suddenly chg our topic 2 pigu?
lol RonKit's butt is Black & Whiteee color wan. :D
Teehee! our class jadual tugas changeddd. :X
HuiAnn do a new one. but i dhk its nt really nice? xD
hahaa paisehh lorrr.
&&&! smt at down thr.
hahahaaa. ni orang sampahh lah. :P
RonKit said draw some flies on it.
thn I take da Liquid Paper & decorateee :)
LOLs! thn evryone use da liquid & sign on their name thr.
Woooots! ;DD & i draw a =) on it heee!
after tht Scienceeee.
teacher didn't come d so En Tiong ganti! XOXO!
hahahaa. evryone go back 2 their seat & get rdy 2 hear story :D
LOL! he really darrn funny!
evrytime will talk bout yellow thgs wan. :P
Huge Football!
HAHAHAHH i rmb this da most! ;DD
aaaaiks. but only one period :(
ohyaaa, En Ong & Pn Bawani came in our class 4 da penilaian.
weeeeeeeeeee!~ ;DD
hope our class can get da 1st!
eee! I accidentally found out my diary when I'm still in primary skul just nw.
woooots! I totally forget bout it!
when I look back all these, I felt that I'm so childish that time.
& quitee emo ><
I miss my primary skul :(



  1. lolz....
    2day mr tiong really swt lo....
    haha....damn funny d...XDXD

  2. LOL
    Siapa di primary school is not childish de..

  3. hoi, dun play play hor
    luan luan say me!
    hoi yo!
    si yeh!
    yuhjiun, i'll kill u in school!XD

  4. Mak, she didn't pakto lahh. x)

    YiWen, hahaa yeaa lah.
    mmg damn yam!

    KahYee, hahahaa is superrb childish lah yorr xD

    JiaJiaaaaa, hahaa siami?
    ohyaa, & ahkln's GIRLFRIEND :P


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