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Friday, May 08, 2009


just back from tuition.
tdy supposed to be a relax dayy for me but thn i chg my tuition to Friday.
bout 805 reach thr & chat with YiWen.
awhile moree Monster came with YapGuanYik. & also her friend larh. x)
wooots? so ngam? ngekngekk~
but I really so shocked
I didn't knw that YapGuanYik in Fridayy class also. :X
& he sit opposite of me da next table thr. omg!@
ohyaa, and smt I must say!
WeiTing's hairrrr!
ishh! he style his hair d but.. HAHHAA
don't knw how 2 describe lahh.
mayb tdy he's too syok d! :P
YiWen and I just laugh like hell thr LMAO! :DD
Friday class really darn crowded!
bt I'd no chancee bcz Tues i hav no transport ><
eee! really darrn paiseh lehh.
i sit at HuiYing's seat :X
thn YiWen & YianBing keep scaree me said tht she's Queen, & she will stare at me bcz i sat her place d blablahh~ mmg qian da lah! Rawrr!
tdy really so darrn FUN! ;DD
can say that I laugh non stop during tuition.
geee! now I realised that still gt many ppl moree SS than me! :P
this time I consider vry quiet alr! :)
SS Queeen - HUIYING! :DD
HAHHAHAA! shee arr. superrrb~~~ lols! don't knw hw 2 sayy :X
when she just sit down, start Syok Sendiri until da moment I went back home.
fuiyoh-hhh. PRO! :)
even that I'm nt so crazeeee in class lah.
tdyy I really freaking HIGH & Crazeee!~
Teeheee! ;DD


1 comment:

  1. hahaha....
    now u noe how scary is she ady leh....XDXD
    bt ytd consider ok ok ady le...
    sometimes even worst!
    gt chance let u ti hui....


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