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Monday, May 04, 2009

4 May

skul dayy again.
gotta wake up early in da morning!
yeshh! luckily En Ong didn't come for assembly tdy abuden gonna stand 4 half an hours again ><
errm can say that I talk & laugh almost da whole dayy? LOL ;DD
ahkln keep talking bout underwear Rawrr!
he just too addicted to underwear d lahh.
apa Renoma, Playboy blablahh LOL!
& he said tht he going 2 open a shop selling diff type of underwear.

ohyaa, ChanKit cut his hair d ><
TanWeiJian style his hair
& ahkln gonna cut botak? :X

p/s mid-term exam changed 2 15 May! ;DD
2 weeks to go.

Lazy to blog.
Bubyee! ;D

I want learn drum! ><


  1. ahaah my wish for every monday morning is either rain or Encik ong absent!He is tooo long winded!

  2. hahaha LOLs!
    superrrb long winded ;D


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