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Saturday, May 02, 2009

1 May :)

tdy is Labour Day, public holiday! ;D
bt I still hav 2 go 2 tuition in da early morning ><
Rawrrr. still tot tht i can sleep longer time!
after tuition straight go 4 a movie with friends ;DD
Teehee! we watched Threads of Destiny!
366天的约定 :)
YiWen booked da ticket ytd alr bt i dunno why we still sit so front!
our seat, C9-11 & D5-12! LOLs!
for me, dat movie quite touch d lahh.
even i cry when da middle of d story ><
but ahkln they all laughing thr? ishh!
HAHAH &&.! ZhanFeng was in da movieee ;DD
omggg! i really don't knw what's RonKit them dhking d lah LOL!
da movie last for 2 hourss! Rawrr. :)
after tht we went 2 makan ICE ;D
its so damnn hot man! ><
too many ppl d & we hav 2 wait outside thr.
finally our turn teehee! :)
blablahh. MinXuan & I ordered Strawberry & Choco Snow! :3
about 6smt only went home!@
Geee! I really darn happy 2dayy.
& play with friends like siao! ;DD




  1. lolz.....
    coz now d on9 booking system they changed ady...
    only 4 row infront can book...
    if behind d can book i sure book la~! baka~....:P
    bt really enjoy tht day....XD

  2. yorrr,i also want to watch thread of destiny.....xp

  3. YiWen, ohh icic
    aha si bian tai lahh Rawrr!

    KeetYee, teehee!
    stil haven watch? :)


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